Security Hints & Tips

Motorcycle, scooter and vehicle theft is an unfortunate fact of life, the following
information is intended to help prevent you becoming a victim.

Did you know?

Fact 1

1000’s of vehicles are stolen every day.

Fact 2

A high percentage are never recovered.

Fact 3

With a tracking system you have better than 4 out of 5 chance of recovering your stolen bike.

Fact 4
A bike is over twice as likely to be stolen as a car.

Here are our top tips to avoid being one of the statistics:

Lock it

Using a good quality lock, secure your bike to something solid that can’t be moved and keep the lock off the ground – as this makes it harder to break.

ID it

Security mark your bike in as many places as possible to deter the parts thief.

Alarm it

Get a combined alarm and electronic immobiliser fitted professionally. Scorpion alarms are recommended as the best on the market and your insurance company may give you a discount on your premiums.

Track it

Scorpion Tracking provides instant notification of theft and a high chance of recovery if the worst does happen.

Garage it

If you’ve got a garage, use it every day, lock it securely and use a ground anchor!


Keep your keys safe and out of sight at all times. It’s also a good idea to keep your alarm fob separate from your keys.


Don’t leave your helmet or other possessions on your bike.


: If you ride an off-road bike, it can still be registered with the authorities. It’s free and helps the Police in the event of a theft.

Check documents

If you’re buying a second hand bike or parts, be wary of motorcycles that appear to be ‘bargains’. Have a good look at the registration documents and always check the bike’s history.

Steering lock

Always put the steering lock on. It makes it harder to wheel the motorcycle away.