Alarms and Immobilisers

Immobiliser (Transponder / Immobiliser)

The Scorpion immobiliser is designed to add a secondary layer of security to any vehicle whether fitted with OE security or not. This single circuit, transponder activated immobiliser is suitable for any 12V application.


The Scorpion compact self-fit alarm is suitable for any 12V motorcycle, ATV or Scooter and benefits from many features that you would only normally find on one of the top of the range systems.

Single Circuit Immobiliser/ Alarm / Immobiliser

The Scorpion Alarm Immobilser is a combined alarm/single circuit immobiliser system designed for motorcycles and scooters with a 12v battery.



With a full 24/7 monitoring and recovery assistance, the Scorpion Track system really is your guardian angel. The Thatcham TQA approved Scorpion TrackGPS/GSM Tracking System has been designed and built in the UK and is the most user friendly and accurate vehicle and motorcycle tracking system available today, using the latest GPS chip set technology and GSM SIM card features.

ScorpionTrack Fleet

ScorpionTrack Fleet’s innovative technology is helping to drive fleets forward, whether you have a fleet of 5 or 5,000. The ScorpionTrack Fleet system allows you to manage vehicles and drivers with precision and increase productivity while saving time and money. With a full 24/7 monitoring and recovery assistance, the Scorpion Track system really is your guardian angel.


Battery Conditioner

Our specialist motorcycle battery conditioner systems are designed to keep your motorcycle battery in its optimum state, especially during long periods of inactivity or cold weather conditions. A must for all motorcycle owners that can even pay for itself by saving the life of a motorcycle battery. Protect your battery by installing the premium brand battery conditioner.

Smart Mobile Charger

Charger for all phones
Scorpion Smart Mobile Charger is capable of charging any mobile safely.

It provides a 5V,2A output.


Throttle Lock

Throttle Lock has been designed as an easy to use, highly visible, theft deterrent for all scooters, motorcycles and ATVs. Throttle Lock works by locking the front brake lever to the handlebar, preventing the vehicle from being pushed away. Throttle Lock is more visible than a disc lock, easier to install and impossible to forget.