(Transponder / Immobiliser)

The Scorpion Immobiliser compact self-fit immobiliser is suitable for any 12V motorcycle, ATV or Scooter and benefits from many features that you would only normally find on one of the top of the range systems.


The Scorpion Immobiliser is an affordable single circuit transponder immobiliser designed to add a secondary layer of security to motorcycles, scooters or quads without a standard fit immobiliser or alarm. Ideal for the 125cc, commuter or scooter market that commonly don’t have any form of OE security, the Scorpion Immobiliser prevents the bike or scooter being started if the ignition is forced or hot-wired.

Seamless in operation, a hidden antenna reads the code from the keyring transponder tag the instant the ignition is turned on and if the code is the correct one from a possible 18 trillion combinations then the immobiliser will disarm and allow the bike or scooter to be started. If the transponder tag is absent or the wrong tag is in range, the LED will flash rapidly to highlight the unit remains immobilised. In addition to the deterrent effect of the LED, the Scorpion Immobiliser is also supplied with a ‘Protected by Scorpion Automotive’ decal to highlight to potential thieves that security is installed.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the unit is suitable for an easy DIY fitment by a competent mechanic or by a local dealer. Scorpion Immobiliser is supplied with two transponder tags but allows up to 5 tags to be programmed for added convenience. The PIN override capability with a factory programmed random PIN code allows the user to bypass the system if a transponder tag is lost.

Although the Scorpion Immobiliser was originally intended for bikes or scooters without any standard fit security, it is also possible to use the product to add a secondary layer of security to supplement an OE immobiliser system. By installing the Scorpion Immobiliser in a ‘covert’ manner even if the vehicle keys were stolen, unless the potential thief knew where the antenna to disarm the system was hidden the vehicle would remain immobilised.



icons_features_circuitSingle circuit, transponder immobiliser system
icons_features_siren Automatic arming and disarming
icons_features_siren LED status light provides visual deterrent
icons_features_siren PIN override capability
icons_features_siren Supplied with 2 transponder tags, maximum of 5 can be programmed
icons_features_sirenDesigned for home or dealer installation

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