Scorpion Fleet Lock®

Scorpion Fleet Lock®

Scorpion Fleet Lock® was developed in conjunction with delivery service companies in order to provide protection against the theft of goods and the vehicles plus reducing the associated risk to the drivers.

You can choose from either the FleetLock® Lite, Plus or Pro Systems – three levels of protection to meet your needs and comply with the most rigorous customer or insurer imposed criteria. The FleetLock®Pro package comprises of a LCV multipoint locking system, keypad immobilisation and the full ScorpionTrack Fleet telematics system including remote vehicle immobilisation. This with the installed tracking equipment forms an Insurance Approved (Thatcham Category 6).

Multipoint Locking System for LCV

Protect your vehicles and goods from theft. With FleetLock the vehicle is fitted with a multipoint automatic locking system. Anti scan touch keys allow speedy access whilst preventing unauthorised entry by radio key RF scanning devices.

  • A stainless steel touch key receptacle is fitted to the side of the driver’s door, rear door and side door which when activated by the driver’s touch key allows 5 seconds to open the door prior to re-locking.
  • The passenger door is set to only open from the inside.
  • After closing, the door auto-locks 1 second later. This is programmable in 1 second intervals up to 60 seconds.
  • The rear and side doors can be manually opened from the inside should the need arise.
  • Each system is supplied with 3 touch keys which operate all 3 doors. One red master key plus 2 black keys.
  • Each vehicle is issued with its own unique set of touch keys which are encrypted to trillions of combinations.
  • If keys are damaged or lost then new keys can be programmed in up to 4 keys per door.

Has An Independent Keypad Immobilisation

Thousands of vehicles stolen every year using electronic hacking equipment, the FleetLock® Immobilisation System operates independently from the vehicle’s computer system therefore preventing theft by means of electronic hacking via the on-board diagnostics (OBD) port.

  • Immobilisation occurs 10 seconds after the ignition is switched off (regardless of whether the key is in the ignition or not), the driver’s door will unlock and a steady light from the status LED signifies that the system is initialising. 10 seconds later, the immobiliser activates and the status LED remains steady lit pending one of three events:

    1. The ignition is switched on at which point the driver’s door auto-locks or;

  1. The driver’s door is opened then closed at which point the driver’s door auto-locks. In either of these instances, the status LED flashes slowly indicating immobilisation is still active and a 4 digit PIN code is required to deactivate the system.

  1. The immobiliser is deactivated. To deactivate, the driver enters a 4 digit PIN code with the ignition either on or off (both driver and passenger doors must be closed), then the LED light goes out.
  • When exiting the vehicle and closing, the driver’s door auto-locks 1 second later and the vehicle is simultaneously immobilised.
  • When re-entering the vehicle, the driver must ensure the driver and passenger doors are closed before the system can be deactivated using the 4 digit PIN code. The driver has 10 seconds to turn the ignition key and start the vehicle otherwise the system resets and the PIN must be re-entered.


System Features







Independent Keypad Immobilisation
ScorpionTrack Fleet (Telematics) System
Driver’s Door Open Alert
Remote Vehicle Immobilisation
LCV Multipoint Locking System
Touch Key Vehicle Access
24/7/365 Monitoring Centre Support
Insurance Approved (Thatcham Cat 6)

Fleet Management System

ScorpionTrack Fleet system allows you to monitor all of your vehicles in real-time on its live map and dashboards. In addition to vehicle tracking, ScorpionTrack Fleet provides other dynamic real-time information about vehicles, alerts, drivers and geofences, all of which are updated dynamically without the user needing to ever refresh the web page.

The live map screen features the user interface side-bar which comprises of the following tabs: vehicles, driver alerts and geofences. These tabs allow you to easily control what filters to apply and which dynamic information displays on the map at any given time.

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mapping and reports

Reduce Costs and Increase Fleet Utilisation

Driver’s Door Open Alert

To minimise the risk of hi-jack and goods theft, if the driver’s door is left open with the key in the ignition barrel (regardless of ignition status) and/or the engine is left running*:

An audible alert sounds until the door is closed and/or the key removed from the ignition barrel. (Also acting as an deterrent to the would-be thief).
A visual and audible alert triggers within the ScorpionTrack Fleet web portal and the incident is captured in the driver’s log to be used for appraisal and training purposes.

* Functionality varies by vehicle type and customer requirements.

Remote immobilisation

In the event of a vehicle theft* or continued driver use without your authority, you can disable the vehicle starter’s motor via the ScorpionTrack Fleet website portal. *In the event of a reported theft, this facility is removed from FleetLock®Pro to ensure compliance with Thatcham Standards.

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