BBC TV’s Thief Trackers Visit ScorpionTrack’s HQ

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BBC production company, Crook Productions visited Scorpion Automotive HQ today to commence filming for the second series of the highly acclaimed ‘Thief Trackers’.

When aired last year, it became one of the most watched programmes on daytime TV. The premise of the show is all about how innovative technologies aid the public and Police Forces in the recovery of stolen goods.

As the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of vehicle security solutions, the BBC approached Scorpion to demonstrate: how it’s sophisticated GPS stolen vehicle tracking solution works; its astounding track record in theft prevention/recovery and focus upon a particular theft story from one of Scorpion’s many celebrity clients.

The production company was allowed access to Scorpion’s 24/7/365 Monitoring Centre to illustrate the operations close co-ordination with its clients and the Police. The film crew also captured video footage of Scorpion’s extensive manufacturing facility in which tracking units and a large range of other vehicle security products and electronic parts are designed and manufactured on-site.

Mark Downing, Scorpion MD commented: “We’re privileged that the BBC’s specialist theft production company has approached Scorpion as vehicle security experts. When broadcast later this year, private and business vehicle users will be given a brief insight into the scale of Scorpion’s operation and the relentless work of our 24/7/365 Monitoring Centre that contributes to the exemplary service we provide to our private and business vehicle users.”

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